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To complete the sale and distribution network for its products, IranBazr invites experts in the fields of agriculture and seeds to cooperate...

Required positions
All provinces of the country
Type of representation
Sales, support

Why become the representative of IranBazr?

IranBazr Company was founder by the leadership of the late Mr. Sarkisian in 1984 with the aim of supplying the vegetable seeds of the highest quality throughout Iran.

After years of efforts to improve the country's seed industry, now IranBazr Company, under the leadership of Mr. Engineer Majid Bagheri, continues to operate with the aim of providing the best possible service and supplying the best foreign and domestic seeds.

The most important goals that IranBazr Company has achieved more than half a century of work and experience in this field; Distribution of seeds with quality, customer satisfaction, progress in research and business development as well as increased profitability for farmers and colleagues have been cherished.

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